wetplate collodion

Charmed by Charmed Magazine ... by Amy Rockett-Todd

Interview excerpt:

What do you think defines an image or an artistic vision, and how can one gain a personal voice in photography?

I enjoy finding something small, a secret, or the byline of the overall story … and that is what intrigues me.  Using a traditional process helps me keep things simple and personally invested, from loading, seeing, and processing … hands-on.  

Developing your personal aesthetic and how it combines with your internal story is important, but some times you just don’t know what that is until you go out and look … and shoot … and do that over and over.  Eventually you will see something emerge.  But I’m also glad to be looking for something too.  To not find the destination.  If we reach the destination, then why keep looking?

You can find the interview in Charmed Magazine in the ARTS section at http://www.charmed-mag.com/#!arts/ctzx

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The gem that is RUBY ... by Amy Rockett-Todd


I had the pleasure of photographing my father recently and was excited to use the ruby glass I had come across on my last visit to the stained glass shop.  I am always learning something new with this process and this shoot was no different.  My fix was running a bit slow as I had used it for two days of multiple portrait sittings and this ruby plate was one of the last plates for the day ... so I was unsure if the shot would even turn out.  Much to my surprise, it cleared just fine and I could not be happier with the outcome!  On top of things, I scanned the plate backed with both a white tin and a black tin.  Here are the scanned results ...