The Story Behind "Tower" ... by Amy Rockett-Todd

"Tower" ferrotype mosaic assemblage.  MANUS portfolio.  Amy Rockett-Todd 2014.

"Tower" ferrotype mosaic assemblage.  MANUS portfolio.  Amy Rockett-Todd 2014.

"Tower" (detail).  Amy Rockett-Todd 2014.

"Tower" (detail).  Amy Rockett-Todd 2014.

My design and architecture background helps guide my artistic endeavors, which led to this new work, MANUS, combining art, architecture and photography.  With the creation of each piece, I am inspired by historic buildings in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

The Tower piece is based off of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Price Tower in Bartlesville, OK.  There are 8 image sections symbolic of the 8 residential balcony levels within this building.  The images are adhered to a 30.60.90-degree triangular substrate.  The angle degrees match the angle degrees used within the Tower’s structure, as all angles within the building are either 30.60. or 90 degree angles.  The 8 (4x5) ferrotype images on the right of the piece are abstracted images taken digitally directly from the exterior of the site, then printed onto OHP film and exposed via the wet plate collodion process in the darkroom.  The 8 ferrotype images on the left of the piece are abstracted ginkgo leaf images, symbolic of Frank Lloyd Wright’s beloved ginkgo tree.  He had his home and studio originally built around his beloved ginkgo tree.  This piece stands roughly 4 feet tall and includes 16 one-of-a-kind ferrotype images.  The ginkgo images have all been hand-tinted with archival pastels in oranges, yellows, and blues, and have been varnished with a sandarac lavender oil varnish, as all of my collodion images are sealed with this protective varnish layer. 

Most of the architecture-based pieces in the MANUS portfolio are directly born from a building's design.  It's aesthetics and structure is reflected in the way each art piece is photographed, designed, and created.

Spring in Full Swing ... by Amy Rockett-Todd

Darkroom prints on RC paper.  Amy Rockett-Todd. 2014

Darkroom prints on RC paper.  Amy Rockett-Todd. 2014

I am so thankful for how busy this Spring has been already!  In the past few weeks, I have been processing 120 negatives from my pinhole project (Baker's Dozen; a pinhole dialog with Antonia Small of Port Clyde, Maine) ... and have managed to get at least 10 rolls processed, scanned, and even a few test prints made (above image).  In addition to the pinhole work, I am pleased to announce that several of my wet plate images will be featured in April 2014.  

One of my wet plate images will be included in April's exhibition, The Art of Handmade & Alternative Photography, at the Vermont Center for Photography in Brattleboro, VT.  The show will run April 4th through April 27th.

You can view the online gallery here:  http://vcphoto.org/the-art-of-handmade-alternative-photography/

Also, I will have work included in the #4 issue of The Hand Magazine.  My images in The Hand are peripherally based on the happenings during a 1000 mile road trip.  You can snatch your own copy of The Hand Magazine here:  http://thehandmagazine.wordpress.com

As Spring has only just begun, I am looking forward to what lies ahead .... Stay tuned.

The gem that is RUBY ... by Amy Rockett-Todd


I had the pleasure of photographing my father recently and was excited to use the ruby glass I had come across on my last visit to the stained glass shop.  I am always learning something new with this process and this shoot was no different.  My fix was running a bit slow as I had used it for two days of multiple portrait sittings and this ruby plate was one of the last plates for the day ... so I was unsure if the shot would even turn out.  Much to my surprise, it cleared just fine and I could not be happier with the outcome!  On top of things, I scanned the plate backed with both a white tin and a black tin.  Here are the scanned results ...