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(re)VIEW : Explorations in Human Nature ... by Amy Rockett-Todd

(re)VIEW : Explorations in Human Nature - Dec 12,2015 - Jan 9. 2016 at Art Intersection, Gilbert Arizona

(re)VIEW : Explorations in Human Nature - Dec 12,2015 - Jan 9. 2016 at Art Intersection, Gilbert Arizona

(re)VIEW : Explorations in Human Nature

Art Intersection, 207 N. Gilbert Rd #201, Gilbert AZ,  Exhibition Dates: Dec 12, 2015 - Jan 9, 2016. Closing Reception Jan 9, 2016 from 5-8pm.

In the exhibition (re)View, we take an extended look at work from four exceptional artists who exhibited work earlier this year in our annual Light Sensitive exhibition of hand-made darkroom works, juried by Robert Hirsch. Artists: Jonah Calinawan, Karen Hymer, Amy Rockett-Todd (Director’s Choice), and Rebecca Sexton Larson were selected by the Art Intersection curatorial staff and invited to exhibit additional pieces from the bodies of work they showed in Light Sensitive.

All four artists are making work that relates to the natural world with the clear influence of man. Although each uses different light sensitive processes, their subjects and scenes tie nicely to one another with a quality of surrealism and mystery. Join us for a Walk and Talk with the Artists on Saturday, January 9, as well as a Closing Reception in the South Gallery at Art Intersection.

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Charmed by Charmed Magazine ... by Amy Rockett-Todd

Interview excerpt:

What do you think defines an image or an artistic vision, and how can one gain a personal voice in photography?

I enjoy finding something small, a secret, or the byline of the overall story … and that is what intrigues me.  Using a traditional process helps me keep things simple and personally invested, from loading, seeing, and processing … hands-on.  

Developing your personal aesthetic and how it combines with your internal story is important, but some times you just don’t know what that is until you go out and look … and shoot … and do that over and over.  Eventually you will see something emerge.  But I’m also glad to be looking for something too.  To not find the destination.  If we reach the destination, then why keep looking?

You can find the interview in Charmed Magazine in the ARTS section at!arts/ctzx

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Spring in Full Swing ... by Amy Rockett-Todd

Darkroom prints on RC paper.  Amy Rockett-Todd. 2014

Darkroom prints on RC paper.  Amy Rockett-Todd. 2014

I am so thankful for how busy this Spring has been already!  In the past few weeks, I have been processing 120 negatives from my pinhole project (Baker's Dozen; a pinhole dialog with Antonia Small of Port Clyde, Maine) ... and have managed to get at least 10 rolls processed, scanned, and even a few test prints made (above image).  In addition to the pinhole work, I am pleased to announce that several of my wet plate images will be featured in April 2014.  

One of my wet plate images will be included in April's exhibition, The Art of Handmade & Alternative Photography, at the Vermont Center for Photography in Brattleboro, VT.  The show will run April 4th through April 27th.

You can view the online gallery here:

Also, I will have work included in the #4 issue of The Hand Magazine.  My images in The Hand are peripherally based on the happenings during a 1000 mile road trip.  You can snatch your own copy of The Hand Magazine here:

As Spring has only just begun, I am looking forward to what lies ahead .... Stay tuned.