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Baker's Dozen : A Pinhole Dialog ... by Amy Rockett-Todd

Baker's Dozen : A Pinhole Dialog

What began as a trek through the woods towards Fairy Beach, with canned chairs atop the heads of her children, fusing the path of two wellie-wearing women… Amy Rockett-Todd met Antonia Small on that rocky beach the summer of 2012.   As Jack, Antonia’s jack russell, perched himself atop a nearby rock, the two discovered they were both “pinholers”.   A chance meeting on a quiet empty slip of land, which isn’t even visible at high tide, the two found themselves stepping into a pinhole dialog that would span almost 2000 miles and 13 months.  They began in April 2013, on Worldwide Pinhole Day, shooting images specific to their own artistic visions as well as the contrasts of their varied regions… the flatlands of Oklahoma and the rugged coast of Maine.  Their project shooting wrapped up on pinhole day, April 2014.  

Image pairings and an interview article by Kai Behrmann of Top Photography Films ( can be seen via the link below.  The two continue their pairings through the end of 2014.  Stay tuned for future image pairings.

Charmed by Charmed Magazine ... by Amy Rockett-Todd

Interview excerpt:

What do you think defines an image or an artistic vision, and how can one gain a personal voice in photography?

I enjoy finding something small, a secret, or the byline of the overall story … and that is what intrigues me.  Using a traditional process helps me keep things simple and personally invested, from loading, seeing, and processing … hands-on.  

Developing your personal aesthetic and how it combines with your internal story is important, but some times you just don’t know what that is until you go out and look … and shoot … and do that over and over.  Eventually you will see something emerge.  But I’m also glad to be looking for something too.  To not find the destination.  If we reach the destination, then why keep looking?

You can find the interview in Charmed Magazine in the ARTS section at!arts/ctzx

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