The Backstory of Slow Tide ... by Amy Rockett-Todd

Slow Tide.  Amy Rockett-Todd 2012.

Slow Tide.  Amy Rockett-Todd 2012.

It's the backstories of images that get to me. This one is no different. The ending image is not the image that stays with me when I look at this one.  It's the image of my (then) 10 and 11 yr old children walking through quiet Maine pines with wooden chairs atop their heads, at times obscurred from my siteline ... legs, rungs, and spindles bobbing in the air down to the shoreline, the gentle lapping of tide growing louder.  Of youth going out.  And age coming in.

Charmed by Charmed Magazine ... by Amy Rockett-Todd

Interview excerpt:

What do you think defines an image or an artistic vision, and how can one gain a personal voice in photography?

I enjoy finding something small, a secret, or the byline of the overall story … and that is what intrigues me.  Using a traditional process helps me keep things simple and personally invested, from loading, seeing, and processing … hands-on.  

Developing your personal aesthetic and how it combines with your internal story is important, but some times you just don’t know what that is until you go out and look … and shoot … and do that over and over.  Eventually you will see something emerge.  But I’m also glad to be looking for something too.  To not find the destination.  If we reach the destination, then why keep looking?

You can find the interview in Charmed Magazine in the ARTS section at http://www.charmed-mag.com/#!arts/ctzx

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