Don't Take Pictures ... by Amy Rockett-Todd

What an exciting Spring it has been!  It seems as though the first half of the year, I was knee deep into making images, processing, and minor post work ... with lots of what folks don't see ... all the "behind the scenes" type of work.  Organizing, ordering, chemical prep and mixing, storage, searching for opportunities, applying for various grants, volunteering with professional organizations, making connections ... and all the other tasks that can get in line BEFORE making more creative images!  All that work definitely pays off ... 

I am pleased to announce that my pinhole image "Slow Tide" was juried into the online gallery at Kat Kiernan's,  Don't Take Pictures!  Thrilled to be included along side many great pinholers ... Take a look:


Excerpt from the Pinhole Gallery at Don't Take Pictures:

A pinhole camera is a beautifully simple machine capable of rendering complex images. Photographers who choose to work with pinhole cameras are patient, often waiting minutes or hours or days for their images to be rendered through the pinprick in the front of their camera. More time still is spent processing the image, and due to the uncertainty of the camera and its many variables, the photograph may never appear at all. When it does, the reward is tremendous. Few pinhole cameras are the same. Each one’s unique qualities may distort or vignette the photograph in unexpected ways. Pinhole photographers embrace these challenges for the simplicity of the tools and the unexpected beauty of the photographs they produce.

Don’t Take Pictures strives to present photographers who are actively involved in the creative process of making photographs. Many photographers in this exhibition have made their own pinhole cameras. Those who use digital cameras with modified pinhole lenses are challenging the conventional qualities of tack-sharp digital images. Photographers from all over the globe submitted work for this exhibition, and we are pleased to showcase this diverse collection of the genre.      

This gallery will be on view through August 21.


Please visit the online gallery at Don't Take Pictures to view the images juried into the exhibit.


The gem that is RUBY ... by Amy Rockett-Todd


I had the pleasure of photographing my father recently and was excited to use the ruby glass I had come across on my last visit to the stained glass shop.  I am always learning something new with this process and this shoot was no different.  My fix was running a bit slow as I had used it for two days of multiple portrait sittings and this ruby plate was one of the last plates for the day ... so I was unsure if the shot would even turn out.  Much to my surprise, it cleared just fine and I could not be happier with the outcome!  On top of things, I scanned the plate backed with both a white tin and a black tin.  Here are the scanned results ...